Apollo 11


20 Luglio 1969
Astronaut 1: Ha! What is it?
BEEP Astronaut 2: We have some explanation for that? BEEP Houston: We have (not), don't worry, continue your program! BEEP Astronaut 1: Oh boy it's a, it's, it, it is really something (similar to) fantastic here, you, you could never imagine this! BEEP Houston: Roger, we know about that, could you go the other way, go back the other way! BEEP Astronaut 1: Well it's kind of (rigged) ha, pretty spectacular ... god ... what is that there? BEEP Astronaut 1: It's (hollow), what the hell is that? Houston: Go Tango, Tango! BEEP
Astronaut 1: Ha! There's kind of light there now! BEEP Houston: Roger, we got it, we (watched it), lose communication, Bravo Tango, Bravo Tango, select Jezebel, Jezebel! BEEP Astronaut 1: ... ya, ha! ... but this is unbelievable! Houston: (we call you up Bravo Tango, Bravo Tango)!
“ kind of light “

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